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If you are looking for hover effects, animated cursors, pointless GIFs etc., you will find plenty of inspiration in the Neocities catalog. Not here though.

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Try Codidact instead of Stack Exchange. The former is non-profit and treats its users and volunteer with respect (whereas the latter doesn't).

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Though, of course, for the most private experience, use Tor.


Schopenhauer: Über die Freiheit des Menlisches Willens (note: may not be correctly displayed in your browser, but will in a text viewer/editor) was retrieved from this obscure site, which is currently and mayhap permanently down. Each text page was on its on web page, which was a pain, so I processed it into a single document. Note the text is public domain. Enjoy!


As one could guess by the simple fact that I chose Neocities (and not crap like Google, Wix or whatnot) to host this site, I like

By the same token, I hate

The obnoxious aspects of the modern WWW have already been described at large in innumerous sites. It would be therefore vain and wasteful to repeat them in a different way, so I simply redirect the interested reader to the external resources section for that.