This is a DWM patch to populate the bar with all the windows' titles (well, not all of them, only those in the active tags; You get it)

Why not fancybar? Because it only colors as

This patch is a modification of bartabgroups.

#!/bin/sh -e
case "$1" in
m*|h*|i*) #minimize/iconify/hide the active window
    active_id=$(xdotool getactivewindow)
    title=$(xdotool getwindowname "$active_id")
    class=$(xdotool getwindowclassname "$active_id")
    printf '%s\n' "$active_id $class: $title" >> "$minwins"
    xdotool windowunmap "$active_id"
r*) #restore a minimized window
    n=$(wc -l < "$minwins")
    case "$n" in
        0) exit;;
        1) map=$(cat "$minwins");;
        *) map=$(cat "$minwins" | dmenu -l "$n");;
    map_id=${map%% *}
    grep -v -- "^$map_id " "$minwins" > "$tmp" || true
    mv "$tmp" "$minwins"
    xdotool windowmap "$map_id"

Idea stolen from Reddit: Tiling window manager with native window minimize function.