Bartabs is a DWM patch to populate the bar with all the windows' titles (well, not all of them, only those in the active tags; You get it).

Figure 1: Picture of DWM with the Bartabs patch.

It is very similar to Fancybar, although it is actually a modification of Bartabgroups.

Why it is good:

  1. It better occupies an otherwise mostly empty area of the bar.
  2. In monocle mode, I can detect the existance of other windows, as well as their titles, with a glance.
  3. The length of the colored part of the title area is always the quotient of the title area's length and the number of windows, thus you don't even need to look directly at the bar to tell how many windows you have open, peripheral vision suffices. This, of course, is only useful in monocle mode (or if you have several floating windows over each other, which you shouldn't anyway).

In Fancybar, the background color of the active window title only stretches as far as the title text, defeating point 3. Furthermore, as new windows are added, the titles get all crumpled together, wasting a large space of the bar.

Bartabgroups does not list float titles. Additionally, it suppresses ClkWinTitle, which is a shame for people who bind the scroll wheel to it. (Of course the authors don't even bother to mention it, you are supposed to waste your time figuring it out for yourself.)