You need to log in

Github prevents users not logged in from:

It's unclear to me why, but since Microsoft is behind it, I would not be surprised if that were meant for user tracking.

Now, Github is gradually becoming the dominant source control hosting platform. We know what happens whenever sentences fitting the template

X becomes the dominant provider of service Y.

are true: X starts to dictate how people use Y, since there are no more providers of Y.

So drop Github lest we soon have to log in to read issues and later to download source code.

Childish user interface

Rounded corners everywhere

I have been unhappy since the trend of "rounding ever corner" started in the late 2000s, as if computer users were children, to whom π/2 angles are dangerous.

Github is no different here, every button is rounded, every hover effect is rounded, user pictures are circles, everything.

Buttons are also way larger than they need to be and there is much wasted space everywhere.


They must have been thinking software development is Minecraft when they introduced the ridiculous stickers.

I display the picture of them below and say no more about it.

Figure 1: Github achievements.

But it's not all bad

After that, I would be astonished if Github was usable without Javascript, but it is! Of course, some functionality will be missing, but not critical functionality.

That, nowadays, is no small deal, so we should be fair and appreciate that.

Gitlab, for instance, simply doesn't work without Javascript. So, if you were convinced by my article so far and were looking for an alternative, don't pick that!

What are good alternatives?

From the technical standpoint, Github is hard to beat if you use its more advanced features (pipelines, APIs, secrets etc.).

But if you are actually only storing files under version control, then there are plenty of alternatives.

I'm a big fan of Launchpad for its clean, no frills user interface, but in many cases it is admitedly obscure and unintuitive (for example, try to figure out what is going on in this bug).

I never used Sourceforge, but it looks like one of those sites loaded with advertisements, even though those are actually usually legit buttons.

Gitea looks like Github, if you like the latter's interface, but is collaborative. Probably worth a try.