I use Noscript and I prefer to ad-hoc allow justifiable elements because more often than not Javascript is either useless or treacherous.

I observed that some web sites that think you really need to load their JS crap will hide the content behind a white wall, some even going so far as saying "this site needs Javascript to run". (Maybe this is a similar mechanism of dumb paywalls that can be easily circumvented.)

Now, sometimes all it takes is to open that site in a stripped down browser like Dillo. In other occasions, Dillo won't handle it either, but you can right click the wall, select "inspect element" and then delete the offending element, whose name is overflow if I recall correctly.

Example: https://www.circuits.dk/setup-claws-mail-gmail-raspberry/. A blank window is loaded, except for a circle pulsating in the center (to give you the sense that the page is forever loading).

Let's inspect the hideous creature.
Found it! Overflow element.
After deleting it... The conent appears!